Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shopping for bridal shower gifts at EdenFantasys

One of my best friends got engaged a couple of weeks ago to a great guy, so we're in a wedding mood here. (And if you're reading this post now, my friend, GO AWAY and do not read any further).  Honestly, my first reaction was to run out and buy her bridal magazines, followed quickly by thoughts of bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

Since I've been writing posts about my favorite online adult store, EdenFantasys, for a while now, I'm pretty familiar with all the items that they have in stock. Lots of great items- pretty much any sort of adult toy or book or music or game or lotion or candle that you're looking for. I've purchased a number of things and have been happy with them all.

Anyway, this past couple of weeks I've been browsing the site looking for gift ideas for my friend's shower.  Neither of us is the type to go for the typical R-rated bachelorette gift ideas, so I'm looking for gift ideas that are more tame. If you're wanting to be a bit more bold, EdenFantasys definitely has lots of those types of bachelorette/bridal shower gifts and favors and decorations as well!

I did a search on EdenFantasys for the words "wedding" and "romance" and came up with a number of gift ideas that I liked. This heart-shaped ice cubes tray would be fun for bridal shower drinks:

And I think this 52 Weeks of Romance kit would be a nice gift for newlyweds!

I also think The Book of Love looks like a really interesting book, and a good way to get the romantic part of marriage off to a good start. 

EdenFantasys also has lots of candles and massage lotions and gift kits that would also make for great bridal shower gifts. Most products at EdenFantasys have detailed information on contents and ingredients, and some have detailed reviews from customers.  So you'll be well-informed before you make a purchase. Everything at EdenFantasys is shipped and billed discretely, so there's no worries about that either. Please keep in mind that EdenFantasys is not appropriate for visiting at work or on a public computer or when little eyes are nearby.  Other than that, happy shopping!

Disclosure: I will be receiving a gift card as thanks for my time in writing this post. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.