Friday, May 27, 2011

Winner: Pampers $50 American Express gift card

I'm so glad only seven of my readers submitted ideas for the pay-it-forward $50 gift card giveaway- it was SO hard to choose! There were some wonderful ideas, and I loved them all, and really appreciate the thought and care that went into each one. You guys have good hearts.

In the end, I made my husband help me choose. We both read through the entries and selected our favorite- and we both picked the same one.  So, here's the winning response:

Mari said... 6
I'd use this to help a charity for unwed/addicted mothers that I donate to. Recently, they published their "immediate needs" list, which includes hair brushes, detangling spray, enfamil, antibacterial soap. Though donations are needed and appreciated, I consider my time in the crisis nursery to be a highlight of volunteering. After years of being unable to conceive and suffering through several miscarriages, I had resigned myself to a life without children. It was painful to watch parents with their newborns, certain I would never share in the joys of parenthood. In the middle of this period in our lives a dear friend dragged me out of my isolation and introduced me to this charity. I thought it would be like torture, but much to my surprise it opened my heart. Besides diapers and formula and blankets, the little ones needed love. After feeding time, we would participate in telling bed time stories and singing lullabies. Loving attention and human contact was just as important as material comforts. Thanks to this experience, my dh and I opened our home to foster children. Our foster son has become a part of our family and we hope to adopt him someday. Besides providing an invaluable service to our community, this charity inspired us to "pay it forward" and make a difference in a child's life. I've sent you an email and you have 48 hours to respond!


Mari said...

Thanks so much! I sent you a response via email.