Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Be There Bedtime Stories

I wrote a few months back about an online website that allows you to record yourself reading stories to your child- and now I've found out about another one! This site is called Be There Bedtime Stories and here's a bit about it:
Be There Bedtime Stories (www.betherebedtimestories.com) announces “Webtime Stories™;” a web-based storytelling platform that offers families far apart the opportunity to be there for the tradition of storytelling at bedtime or anytime. By leveraging webcam technology and children’s e-books, Be There Bedtime Stories brings storytelling to life via the Internet.
Creating a Webtime Story is simple:  1) choose from over 250 published children’s books licensed to the online bookstore at www.betherebedtimestories.com; 2) read the story in front of a webcam as it displays on the computer screen and; 3) the webcam recorded video of the storyteller is position on each page and a link to the Webtime Story is emailed to unlimited family members, viewable unlimited times. The price for unlimited access to a Webtime Story is currently $9.99, with subscription plans scheduled to launch in June.
I think this type of service is a fabulous way for parents and grandparents who are distant geographically to stay in touch with the kids in their lives.  I thought there was a nice selection of books to choose from on a variety of kid-friendly topic. The books are organized by category, or you can search for something specific using the search bar. I liked the fact that each book has a synopsis and you can even peek inside to make sure it's a book that you really want to record. 

The process of recording the story and emailing was very simple, with step-by-step instruction. I like that you can view the story as many times as you want- we all know how kids get stuck on their favorite books!  Currently, this site does not seem to offer the ability to download stories to a mobile device for access offline (the similar site that I've used does), but you can watch anywhere that you have access to the internet, which is almost everywhere these days!

If you're looking for a good way to stay connected to a little one in your life, near or far, definitely check out this site! The site does offer a free demo, so you can test it out for yourself.

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post, just access to the free demo story on the site.