Saturday, July 16, 2011

CD review: The Not-Its- Tag, You're It!

I'm always glad to get new music for my kids to listen to, but I was especially glad when Tag, You're It! showed up in my mailbox.  The reason for my special gladness was that Ethan has been completely and utterly obsessed with The Not-Its! last album (Time Out to Rock) lately- I think I hear it playing in my head even when it's not actually on!  So getting a new CD from The Not-Its! was a very good thing for our household.  Here's a bit about this CD, from a press release that I received:
Those 10 and under, listen up! Award-winning independent children’s recording artists The Not-Its! are on the scene with their highly anticipated third studio CD, Tag, You’re It!. (Little Loopy Records, SRP: $14.99, run time 31:36, Release Date: June 28, 2011. Distributed by Burnside Distribution Corporation.)

For over two years now, kids and parents alike are flying to their feet in a rock n’ roll frenzy in response to the power-pop sounds and four-part harmonies of Seattle-based recording artists, The Not-Its!. With their third record, Tag, You’re It!, the band wastes no time in giving fans more of the deliciously catchy tunes that make kids move and parents groove.

The lovely lead vocals of Sarah Shannon are strong and true, and have for years been an indie favorite. In the 90s, Shannon fronted the successful Sub-Pop indie band, Velocity Girl; with The Not-Its!, the indie-pop-rock musical sensibilities carry over, and kid-friendly lyrics round out these carefully crafted jams. Tag, You’re It! is lush with musical variety, packed solid with high-energy tempos and lyrics that speak to the kid mentality. The first track, “Freeze Tag” sets the pace and proves The Not-Its! are here to rock with crunchy guitars, thundering drums, and whip-smart lyrics encouraging kids to drop the video games, get outside, and “run around, run, run around…make like a pop-pop-pop popsicle frozen!”

This CD has been such a nice pick-me-up to have playing in our home during this not-summery Seattle summer. The songs are upbeat and energetic, with rhythms that my kids like to dance to, and words that make me smile. Although I enjoyed all the songs, I definitely have two favorites!  The song "Great To Be a Kid" made me smile and remember the fun of being a child, while "Carry Me", a song detailing the attempts of a child to get her dad to carry her, made me laugh out loud, since I live that every day!

This is a great, fun CD, and would make a good addition to any family's CD library. To hear songs from The Not-Its!, to see their music videos, or to purchase CDs, drop by their website! 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this CD to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.