Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Crystal Light On the Go

As part of my family's ongoing trash diet, we're trying to cut back on buying drinks in cans and bottles.  We're also trying to increase our water consumption, so between these two things, it was a great time for me to review some Crystal Light On the Go.

I received a small package from Crystal Light, which contained an assortment of the Crystal Light On the Go drink mixes. I love these little packages- they're so small and easy to fit into my purse or pocket. When I get thirsty, I just refill my water bottle, pour in the Crystal Light packet and I have a refreshing drink, ready to go! Saves me money, since I don't have to buy a drink, and it keeps me from buying a bottle or can that will need to be thrown out. I also like them when I'm home- having the handy little Crystal Light packets in my kitchen has definitely helped with my water consumption, since I like the taste so much more than plain water!

Crystal Light comes in a huge variety of flavors within three categories: "refreshing flavors", "pure flavors", and "enhanced flavors".  I've not tried them all, but I have enjoyed all the flavors that I have tested out.  Chances are pretty good that you'll find one that's just what you're thirsty for. Available online or at a store near you!

Disclosure:I received this product to review for myself. No monetary compensation was provided by Crystal Light or Glam Media for this post. The opinions expressed herein are those of myself and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Crystal Light.