Monday, August 15, 2011

Back-to-school with Tiny Prints

I admit it, I spend a lot of my time on Facebook.  And lately, in my time spent looking at my news feed and seeing what everyone is up to, I've noticed a disturbing trend- everyone is talking about back-to-school already! Some of my friends back on the East Coast that are teachers have been back at work for weeks, and other friends sent their kids off on their first day today.  We've got a bit longer before school starts here in Seattle, but still- I can't believe that summer is wrapping up already-  once again, it went way too fast.

My son started school last February- he attends a special preschool that's part of our local public school system.  Since he started in the middle of the school year, we haven't had a real back-to-school day yet- so this September is going to be our first one! I'm excited about getting to experience it as a mom- shopping for new clothes, assembling all the school supplies in his school backpack, seeing the joy on his face at seeing his teachers and friends again.  We're counting the days!

Tiny Prints has some great items available now to help your family prepare for the start of the school year. They've got a great selection of items- things for kids like address labels, allergy cards and play date cards, things for teachers such as planners, stationery, and classroom decor, and things for parents like emergency contact cards, thinking of you cards and photo books. Visit their Back To School page to check out all they have to offer. 

Disclosure: This post was written as part of a blogger campaign for Tiny Prints, through Global Influence. I will be receiving a gift card as thanks for  my time in writing this post.