Monday, September 5, 2011

CD review: Miss Amy's Fitness Rock & Roll

The kids and I recently received a new CD to review, but this one was a little different from the ones that we usually listen to. Instead of listening while we played a game or ate lunch, this CD required us to be up! and participating! Our new CD is from Miss Amy and is called Fitness Rock & Roll.  Miss Amy's website describes this CD as a "no excuses rock pop fusion of music motivation for you and your family!" And it is indeed that!  Here's a bit about Miss Amy, from her website:
Recently dubbed "The First Lady of Musical Fitness" by the National Children's Entertainment Blog, Miss Amy is THE Kids Rocker/Fitness Guru. A GRAMMY® Nominated Featured Artist, Miss Amy also serves as an Official Advocate for the President's Challenge Program encouraging families to stay physically active through her music. Honored to have performed at the White House Egg Roll 2010 Miss Amy will be making the festival rounds throughout 2011 celebrating the release of her 5th CD on her Fitness Rock & Roll CD Release Tour! 

Miss Amy is a singer/songwriter, an accredited music educator and a fitness instructor with a BBA in Strategic Management. Miss Amy has over 20 years of fitness instruction experience being accredited for Kids & Teen Fitness, Yoga I & II, Pilates, Tai-Chi, Primary Aerobics and Pre/Post Natal Fitness, and she is certified as a Youth/Adolescent Fitness Trainer.
I know that exercise is very important for my kids, but I do not excel at finding creative ways to fit it into our daily lives. We're pretty good about going out for walks or playing soccer outside, but it's often rainy here, and on days when we don't go out, we don't move around enough.  This CD solves my problem in a fun way!

The first time I put the CD in, the kids were fascinated by it.  Vivian immediately started copying me as I followed the instructions on the song.  Ethan did an impressive job of understanding and following as well. When we got to the song called "I Am An Athlete", I thought he might fall over from his enthusiasm- he loves sports so much and was thrilled by this song.  Different songs focus on different aspects of exercise like stretching, balance, relaxation, aerobic activity, etc.  Some songs have direct instructions or suggestions on what to do, others just encourage movement. You can mix and match them for a good family workout session. 
Vivian, having fun while exercising to the Miss Amy CD
Not only do the songs get you moving, but they're fun to listen to as well. The singing and music on the CD is very well done. Winter is coming (really!) and we need to get ready- if you've got kids at home, I'd really suggest adding this CD to your family's collection so that you're ready to keep active! And if you're a teacher or librarian, Miss Amy has free lesson plans available on her website!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this CD to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.