Thursday, September 29, 2011

E-book review: It's All In The Moves

Earlier this week, I wrote a review of a fun new kids' toy, Freaky Pets. Then I found out that not only are Freaky Pets a cute toy with a fun interactive online game, but there's also a Freaky Pets book, called It's All in the Moves.  This book features one of the Freaky Pets, Puff Puff, as he struggles with learning a cool, but complicated, dance move.

I thought this was a cute book with a good story of using your good and bad emotions together to persevere and accomplish a much-wanted goal. The illustrations in the book were cute and true to the Freaky Pets.  You can see some of the illustrations from the book at this site. I like that the book can either be read by a parent or child, or with the click of one button, the book is read outloud by a narrator, with highlighting of the words as you go along. Ethan and I both really enjoyed reading and listening to this book, and he requested listening to it several more times after we finished it the first time.

This is a cute little e-book with a good message, whether you're a Freaky Pets fan or not. And it's available for just $1.99 at the MeeGenius website! Happy reading!

Disclosure: I was sent this ebook to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here were mine and mine alone.