Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Calico Critters

I admit it, I don't always enjoy playing with my kids and their toys.  I'm just not much of a use-your-imagination type of person.  Recently though, Vivian received a new toy that I'm pretty sure I like playing with as much if not more than she does.  Our new toy is the Calico Critters Margaret and Halley's Shop Play Set.  And it is so cute that I can hardly stand it.

This set comes with the two dolls, two outfits for each, and accessories such as a purse, hat, necklace, mirror and headband. And there's even a little tiny doll for the tiny bear! Everything in the set is really well made, which is important for something that's being played with by little fingers.  The joints on the bears move, so you can position them and change their clothes.  All the accessories are a nice, soft plastic.

Vivian loves playing with these dolls and changing their little outfits. Everything is pretty small, so I generally have to help with the wardrobe changes, but I'm fine with that.  

We're new to the world of Calico Critters, and I'm so glad to have found these great toys. Anything that is fun and doesn't take up much space is a good thing in my book! There are lots of different animals and playsets available, and all of them are just too darling for words.  The toys are very, very tiny (Vivian calls them her tiny toys), so if you have a little one around the house, it's probably a good idea to pass until he or she is bigger). 

You can find a nice selection of Calico Critters (and other fun toys!) over at Growing Tree Toys.

Disclosure: I received this playset thanks to Growing Tree Toys and my membership at Blogtricity. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.