Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Freaky Pets!

Ethan and Vivian recently received some stuffed animals that are unlike any others they've ever owned- Freaky Pets! Here's a bit about these toys, from a press release that I received:
Freaky Pets are unique transformable plush creatures that come to life in an online virtual world. The cute creatures turn into creepy critters just by turning the animals inside out, two toys in one!  Kids will love to collect and play Freaky Pets with friends! Freaky Pets can be purchased at select Hallmark stores and a code to the online virtual world is included.  Kids can let their imagination run wild and watch their pets come to life! They can also train, personalize, complete and care for the Freaky Pets online. They can even connect with friends online and play games with them too! The plush pets and 3-D game combine the timeless fun of collecting stuffed animals with age-appropriate content online.
The kids were totally intrigued by the toys when they arrived, and spent quite a bit of time turning them from cute to creepy and back again.  They particularly enjoyed the creepy side of the animals and spent much time running around and making growling noises with their new 'monsters'.
My little fairy princess tried to use her wand to transform her pet

I told my husband that I'm going to have to start leaving one of the toys near the front door in either cranky or cute mode, so that he has a clue as to my mood in the evening :)  

As you can see above, the two pets that we received are Walloc and Warto.

There are eight other cute/creepy critters available as well, including one that resembles a dog, one that resembles a whale and one that resembles a penguin, to name a few. You can check them all out here, or at your nearest participating Hallmark Gold Crown store. Each animal comes with a unique code so that you can activate your animal in the virtual online game and interact with it there as well.

The plush toys are nice and soft and really well made. That's important with all the flipping back and forth from cute to cranky.  I also thought they are a good size- not a huge stuffed animal, but big enough to keep track of in my kids' messy room. I also like that there is an online game component to the animals with age-appropriate material, it's a nice combo of plush animal and computer fun.

I think Freaky Pets would make a great holiday gift for the kid in your life!

Disclosure: I received two Freaky Pets to review for myself.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.