Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: Jabra Headphones

My husband's birthday is next week, and I've already given him his gift, the coolest set of headphones EVER. I got these headphones (and several other sets of headphones) at a lovely blogger lunch last week hosted by Jabra. The headphones in question are new ones from Jabra, called Jabra Sport.  Here's a bit about these headphones, from the Jabra site:

  • Play music and take calls, skip tracks and adjust volume from headset
  • Secure and comfortable fit during workouts
  • US Military Grade rain, dust and shock protection
  • Powerful bass sound and built-in FM Radio
  • Offers up to 4.5 hours of talk time and up to 3 hours music time
  • Works with Apple, Android, Blackberry and standard phones or music devices
There are so many cool things about this headset that it's hard to know where to start. My personal favorite feature is that the Jabra Sport is Bluetooth-enabled, so it connects to your iPod or phone without needing to be connected via wires. You don't even have to have your iPod on your body, if you don't want, the headset just needs to be within 30 feet of the device to work. Seriously cool. Another great feature of the Jabra Sport is that it comes with a free download of Endomondo Sports Tracker. Here's a bit about that cool app:
Endomondo Sports Tracker, a fitness tracking application for smartphones that functions as a motivational tool for running, giving quick updates on speed, distance, and lap time.  Endomondo allows users to visually see past running routes on their smartphone via a GPS tracking feature.  The Endomondo Sports Tracker app is designed to work with iPhone®, Android or BlackBerry® handsets.
It took Daniel and I a few minutes to figure out all the buttons on the headphones, since they are pretty small.  But we got it all sorted out and got the headphones connected to his iPod and soon he was listening with his great new headset!  Sadly for me, I can't use the Jabra Sport, because I have really, really tiny ears that just weren't big enough to hold up the earpieces.  Most of the other bloggers at the lunch where I got the Jabra Sport had no issue and were able to use the headset just fine, but if you've had trouble with over-the-ear headphones before, you likely will have issue with the Jabra Sport as well.

The Jabra Sport is also available in a corded version that still has all the cool features of the Jabra Sport, if you would like to spend a little less money on your headphones. 

Fortunately for my tiny-eared self, Jabra makes another product that has made me very very happy, the Jabra Clipper.  Most of the time, when I'm listening to my iPod, I'm also folding laundry or putting away dishes or doing some other chore around the house. And inevitably, I get the cord to my headset caught in a drawer or on a chair, and end up ripping the headphones out of my ear. Sometimes I even end up dropping my iPod on the floor. The other issue I've been having is that, when I wear skirts, I don't have a pocket to put my iPod in. 

The Jabra Clipper has solved this problem for me! Here's a bit about it, from the Jabra site:

  • Great wireless stereo sound
  • Automatically switch between music and calls
  • Can be used with other headphones (3.5 mm jack)
  • Remote control your music – play, pause, stop, skip track (phone dependent)
  • Incoming caller alert lets you know when a call is coming through
  • Advanced mobile away alert (within 10 meters)
  • Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 8 days standby time
You can use the Clipper either with your own headphones or with the set that comes with the Clipper.  I love this product- I just connect it to my iPod, put the headphones in, press play and go about my chores. I don't have to carry my iPod with me- I just leave it sitting on the kitchen table and I can listen to my podcasts as I wander around the condo.  No more cord to get caught up in the dishwasher, no more broken headphones from being dropped on the ground. The sound is great and the Clipper is just so convenient. Love, love, love.

I also received a set of Jabra Active headphones, which I have been wearing while running. Here's a bit about Jabra Active, from the Jabra website:

  • Premium stereo sound quality with clear detailed sound reproduction
  • STEREO headset for music and talk
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Ergonomically designed headphones for each ear
  • Sound isolating ear buds in small, medium and large sizes
  • Microphone wind-noise reduction technology
  • Unified control box on microphone: answer/end calls, skip tracks
I wore the Jabra Active headphones during my first 10K last weekend and thought they worked great. The sound was excellent, and I could clearly hear my audiobook, even with all the other noise of the race going on around me.  I look forward to continuing to use these headphones on future runs!

So, if you're looking for new headphones or other Bluetooth products, check out Jabra and all they have to offer for home and office.

Disclosure: I received the products discussed above at a luncheon hosted by Jabra. I was under no obligation to write a post and was definitely not under any obligation to write positive reviews. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.