Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seattle-area people- The Burke Museum is getting ready for Bug Blast!

If you haven't made it over to the University of Washington campus to check out the Burke Museum, you really need to do so soon. It's a great museum with lots of natural history and other displays. My family went last year and enjoyed it, and we are planning a return trip soon. If you've been thinking of going to visit, consider visiting on September 18, 2011, when Bug Blast will be going on. Here's some information about this event:

13th Annual Bug Blast Family Event on Sun., Sept. 18, 2011 from10 am – 4 pm: Face your fears and feed your fascination when thousands of specimens, dead and alive, crawl to the Burke Museum for this favorite annual family event. See bugs that eat plants, plants that eat bugs, or eat a bug yourself! Special this year are puppet show performances of The Secret Life of Bugs by Spyglass Theater. Step into a world of dragonflies, dung beetles, and metamorphosis through black-light puppetry!

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post- just passing on some information that I received.