Monday, September 26, 2011

Seattle Children's Theatre presents Harold and the Purple Crayon

Last Friday night, my family had the wonderful opportunity to attend the opening night performance of Harold and the Purple Crayon at Seattle Children's Theatre. I was a little worried that my kids would get squirmy or cranky during the performance, since it started at what is normally their bedtime, but I needn't have worried- they absolutely loved the play and sat mesmerized for the entire show.  Here's a bit about the play, from the SCT website:
Anything is possible with a crayon and a big imagination. With a burst of inspiration, Harold launches a magical exploration and simply draws where he wants to go. After sketching himself into adventurous situations, Harold quickly problem-solves: he draws an apple tree when he’s hungry and a rocket ship when he finds himself falling through the sky. With spirited song and creativity, Harold travels from under the sea to outer space, making many friends along the way.
This show is absolutely fantastic.  The animation is great, the puppetry is so well done, the actors are funny and engaging, the music is beautiful, and the show flows along wonderfully.  It's a play that's suitable for all ages, so if you've been thinking about taking a young child to a play, this would be a great first theatre-going experience.  My kids had a great time- so good that Ethan was upset by the brief intermission and spent the entire time asking when Harold would come back on the stage. My husband and I also really enjoyed the show- it really is good for all ages!

Harold and the Purple Crayon is playing now through October 30th at Seattle Children's Theatre. If you're in the area, I'd really suggest checking it out!