Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A few updates

Hello all! I just wanted to check in, since I've made a few minor adjustments lately regarding how my giveaways work.

1. As you have probably noticed, I'm now using Rafflecopter for all my giveaways (there are a few stragglers out there from before my switch, but those will be finished soon).  This makes running the giveaways much simpler for me, and hopefully it makes the process of entering simpler for you.

2. Because of the way Rafflecopter works, I can't change the end time, I can only select dates. This means that my giveaways will now end at 12:01 AM EST on the day listed on my sidebar. So pretty much the same as before, when I closed them at 9 PM PST. Rafflecopter automatically closes the entries at that time, so there's no way you can enter after the giveaway has closed.

3. I'm also no longer going to put up posts with winner information. The winners will be announced in the Rafflecopter widget on the page for the giveaway itself. And if you ever have questions about a winner or giveaway, please feel free to email me.

4. I will however, still send emails to the giveaway winners and will try to contact them with whatever means necessary to make sure we connect.

5. Thanks for reading and good luck!