Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: New Schick Intuition razor

Life has been very, very busy in these parts lately.  It seems like we're always rushing to get somewhere or to get something done.  This rushing has even applied to my morning routines- I only have a few minutes most mornings to shower and get myself looking presentable.  Which is why I'm immensely grateful for timesavers like my Schick Intuition razor.  The Schick Intuition razor has recently been improved- here's a bit about the new features, from a press release that I received:

"New" Schick Intuition Benefits:

Four-Blade Enhancement
  • Keeps skin safe from nicks and cuts,
  • Allows for a precise shave, with a pivoting head that follows the contours 
  • Makes it easier to experience a flawlessly smooth shave
Enhanced Skin Conditioning Solid
  • Eliminates the need for shave gel, soap, or body wash
  • Contains shea butter, Vitamin E and aloe to soothe and moisturize skin as you shave
  • Leaves skin touchably soft and smooth
One-of-a-kind Ergonomic Handle
  • Slim design fits comfortably into the hand
  • No-slip rubber grip on sides allow for precise control
I have been very pleased with this razor. I think it shaves nicely, is easy to hold and leaves my skin feeling moisturized.  I will definitely be continuing to use my Schick Intuition razor!
Disclosure:  I received this razor to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.