Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Organic Bistro and Helen's Kitchen

Last week I got two nights off from cooking dinner, thanks to several products that I received the opportunity to review, an entree from Organic Bistro and another from Helen's Kitchen. Here's a bit about these two products, from their websites:

Ideal for health-conscious consumers seeking a convenient and gourmet meal experience, Wild Salmon with Pesto is accompanied by a chickpea pilaf rich in whole grains, along with fresh, organic zucchini and green beans. The entrée is high in protein and fiber, low in sodium, made with organic ingredients, and free of GMOs, trans fat, MSG, antibiotics and steroids.

Daniel and I both thought this was a tasty entree. The vegetables were nicely cooked, not at all mushy, the pilaf was delicious and while the salmon could use a bit more seasoning (in my opinions), it had a nice flavor.  I also really liked that, even though this entree contained salmon, when I cooked it in the microwave, it didn't make my kitchen smell at all fishy.   When I picked up this entree at the store, it was selling for around $6, which is a bit higher than I usually pay for frozen food, but it does contain responsibly-sourced seafood and is more health-conscious than many frozen entrees.

From the line of Helen's Kitchen entrees, we chose to review the new Thai Green Curry. Here's a bit about this entree:

Thai Green Curry is made with organic sweet potatoes, edamame, and Japonica rice. It contains two servings of vegetables and offers a good source of protein (10-16g). In addition to being gluten free and vegetarian, it is also free of GMOs, trans fat, MSG, antibiotics and steroids. The Thai Green Curry is also dairy-free, making it a delicious vegan option.
Daniel thought this entree was tasty, and I thought it was all really delicious. I love that it has two servings of vegetables- it's always nice to get those extra servings in! We also liked that it is dairy-free, since we don't eat much dairy. Helen's Kitchen's entrees sell for approximately $4.99 at specialty and natural food stores.

Both of these entrees made for nice meals- if you're looking for a good, high-quality frozen meal, I'd suggest checking these brands out!

Disclosure: I received coupons to get these products for myself to review here.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.