Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book review: Super Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things

During the dark, rainy months of a Seattle winter (also known as November-June), the kids and I end up spending a lot of time inside. And, to keep from going insane, I have to have lots of activities planned for us.  I’m always looking for fun new ideas, and I got a lot of them from a new book- Super Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things.  Here’s a bit about this book and its author, from a press release that I received:

Inventor Cy Tymony can show people how to turn everyday objects and discarded leftover objects from around the house into valuable tools, toys, and devices that can save replace the need for new products, can save people money and reduce and even avoid needless expense.

Cy is a modern-day, real-life MacGyver – someone that people might liken to Mr. Gadget, Maxwell Smart, a mad scientist or a modern day scientific wizard -- only he’s the real thing. 

In grade school, he defended himself against school bullies with the help of a spring loaded shocker hidden up his sleeve.

As an adult, he teaches and dazzles people of all ages everywhere with the remarkable demonstrations of ingenuity, imagination and creativity.

His new book, Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things contains 30 new, never-before-seen, do-it-yourself inventions and activities.  

He breaks new ground in the world of fashion with designs and instructions for the Sneaky Light-Up Nail,  Sneaky Animated Nails, Invisible Nail Art,  Sneaky Bangle and Sneaky Bangle Bag, Sneaky Headband,  Sneaky Belt,  Sneaky Action T-Shirt, Sneaky 3D Party T-Shirt .
That’s not all.  There are many, many more to choose from:  

Sneaky Toys and Games (Digital Picture Frame Applications, Sneaky Vibra-Cup, Sneakier Vibra-Cup Add-Ons, Vibrating Football Game, Sneaky Portable Alarm , Sneaky Foosball Game, Mini-Foosball Game, Sneaky Invisible Signaler…).

This is a fun book that presents project ideas in a really simple and easy-to-follow way. The author clearly lays out exactly what is needed for projects, then has detailed, step-by-step figures showing how to make the project.  I especially appreciated the introduction at the front of the book, which discussed the basic ideas that would be involved in many of the projects. 

I decided to start out with a simple project and used some of the many paper clips that are lying around my house to make a mini-foosball game. And it turned out so well! I'm going to use the instructions in the book to make a small air cannon next- I know my kids are going to love that one!

My mini-foosball table!

If you’re interested in making creative projects with objects you already have around the house, check out this fun book! There are also a number of other titles in the Sneaky Uses line of books, and you can see the full list here.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.