Monday, November 7, 2011

An easy way to help families with children in the NICU

I don't read very many blogs anymore, so the ones that still are on my reading list are ones that have something really special to offer.  One of those blogs is The Spohrs Are Multiplying.  On that blog, Heather and Mike share their story- both the good things, like cute videos of their daughter Annabel and their dog, and funny stories from their past, and the incredibly painful things, like the death of their older daughter, Maddie. To celebrate what would have been Maddie's fourth birthday on 11/11/11, they are doing a special fundraiser. Here are the details:

On 11/11/11, my daughter Maddie should be celebrating her fourth birthday. Instead, it will be the third birthday we've spent without her. For the last two years, I've been comforted by the donations people make to the charity we started in her name, Friends of Maddie.

This year my husband Mike and I decided to do something different by making a song we recorded available on iTunes and other music download sites as a fundraiser for Friends of Maddie. Entitled “You Are The One,” it is a sweet love song that Mike wrote for me right before we got married with words that took on a whole new meaning after Maddie passed away.

Our hope is to sell enough downloads to help us fund Friends of Maddie's expansion in 2012 to supplying grants and scholarships to NICU families in addition to the Family Support Packs that we presently send - free of charge - to Level III NICUs across the nation.

The facts: The song is called, "You Are The One" by Mike and Heather Spohr

100% of the proceeds will go to Friends of Maddie. All recording and distribution costs were covered by Mike and me.

The 99 cent song is available for purchase on iTunes worldwide as well as Amazon, Spotify, Medianet, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody,  I Heart Radio, VerveLife, Nokia, and Napster.

The direct link to the song on iTunes in the USA is:

For more information on Friends of Maddie, please go to


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