Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: BKids Soft Peek-A-Boo Block

Ethan and Vivian are now 4 and 2, respectively, so most of the toys in our house are geared to the 3 and up set.  Which is fine for us, but presents a minor problem when any of our friends visit, as they all seem to have babies, and we seem to have nothing lying around for babies to play with.  So I was really excited when a friend came over last week and I actually had a great new toy for her 7-month-old to play with! The toy is from BKids and is called the Soft Peek-A-Boo Block. And it is SO cute. Here's a bit of information, from the BKids website:
  • Little minds enter a world discovery with 10 soft blocks that rotate and open up for hours of stacking fun and surprises!
  • The clever animal face figure designs also add extra fascination for babies.
My friend's son seemed to really enjoy looking at the pictures on the blocks- and chewing on the soft ones as well.  And, even though my kids are older than the age recommendation for these blocks, they really like playing with them too- identifying the pictures on the blocks, pointing out the shapes and putting the soft blocks in and out of the three harder plastic blocks that open and close. Right before I started writing this blog post, I made a sweep of our condo and found some of these blocks in my bed, my son's bed, under the dining room table, and a few actually put away in Ethan and Vivian's room.  So they're well played with!

These are really great little blocks. If you're looking for a fun and cute holiday gift idea for the little one in your life, definitely check out the Soft Peek-A-Boo Block and all the other items that BKids has to offer!

Disclosure: I received these blocks to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.