Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Infantino's HappiTaps Beary Happi

I miss my iPod.  It's recently been stolen by a couple of cute small people that live in my house.  The reason for this theft? A really adorable and fun app and toy combo from Infantino, called HappiTaps Beary Happi.  Here's a bit about the app and toy, from a press release that I received:

We’ve mixed a classic teddy toy with a new technology twist that will give your little one a snuggly buddy full of interactive fun. Start by purchasing a HappiTaps cover online, then download the free HappiTaps™ App from the App Store. Put the cover on your iPhone or
iPod touch (with booster for a snug fit) and watch your new pal come to life with interaction, games and activities.

toddle mode Toddler Mode
It cycles through the activities automatically. Think of it as “auto pilot” for the youngest kids who can’t yet handle the app menu.
Expressions Expressions
Beary Happi is quite veratile. He can chat, share fun facts, teach kids to count to 10, tell jokes, wink, laugh, whisle and sniff about.
Sing Along Sing Along*
Beary Happi loves to sing! Join him as he sings along with his friend Angie children’s favorite clssic songs.
Peek-a-Boo! Peek-a-Boo!
Beary loves to hide behind different things! Join him for some old fashioned Peek-a-Boo fun. “Where are you?” Peek-aBoo!
Sleeping Sleeping
Beari Happi loves to play, but just like kids he also gets tired. Lay him flat, facing up and he will fall asleep. He does snore a little...
Feeding Time Feeding Time
Let’s feed the bear! This nurturing game is so much fun. Kids are so happy to feed their friend while they learn about food. Mmmhh, honey!
Story Time Story Time*
Beary is an accomplished story teller. He will narrate classic childrens’ stories with a lttle bear flair.
Rattle & Fun Rattle & Fun*
Kids love making noises and Beary has just what the doctor ordered! A real rattle so they can shake up a storm
Nighty Night Nighty Night*
A comprehensive kid night time routine complete with a bedtime story, a lullaby and sheep for counting. G’night!
* Some activities may require additional in-app purchases

This is a seriously cute app/toy combo.  I should note that you do not have to have the cover to play this app, and the app itself is a free download. And when your iPhone/iPod isn't in the bear case, it's just a cute little bear toy.  But when they're put together, your child has a soft little bear that comes alive and plays with him or her with over 20 different interactive (and insanely cute) features.  Also, the cover covers up the home button, which keeps your kids from closing the program and getting into other apps on your iPod/iPhone, and protects the iPod/iPhone while your kids are holding it.

Vivian and Ethan both really love this app/toy.  Vivian is especially fond of playing peek-a-boo with the bear, and both kids love the sing along songs and stories that the bear tells. The app comes with one song and one story, and you can download 2 more songs or 2 more stories for $0.99 each. You can also do other fun activities such as feeding the bear, playing with the rattle, or more. It's all really interactive, and the bear responds to things like your child touching the screen or tilting the device. This app, with and without the case, has kept my kids entertained for many hours now, and the kids both ask constantly to play with the bear.

This is probably the easiest-to-use, most interactive, and fun app that my kids have on my iPod, so it's no wonder that they're always asking to play with it.  If there's a little one in your life who loves to play with your iPod/iPhone, definitely check out this app and toy!  To download the app, visit this link and to buy the HappiTaps bear case, visit this link.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Infantino HappiTaps and received a product sample to facilitate my review.