Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Three eco-friendly products- Omyst, Dr. Drip Coffee and Vapur

We like many things here in Seattle- coffee, the mountains, outdoor activities (okay, not me personally, but other Seattleites). And we really like being "green". Eco-friendly products are a big deal in this area, and are becoming increasingly important to my family as well. So I'm always happy when I get to try out new eco-friendly products, like the ones I'm writing about today. The first product is my favorite of the three, the Vapur water bottle. Here's a bit about this cool product, from a press release that I received:
Vapur – the “anti-bottle,” a foldable, reusable BPA-free water bottle that stands tall when full and rolls, folds and flattens when empty. Available in a multitude of fun colors and two different sizes – Vapur allows you to stay hydrated in style.
The anti-bottle that I received is in the 0.5 L size, but there are other options for size and design as well. I really, really love this bottle- it's so lightweight and easy to manage.  Often when I'm out with the kids, I wont bring my own thermos because I don't want to deal with it when it's empty.  With the Vapur, I just finish my water, roll it up and put it in my purse until I'm ready to refill.  Such a great idea! And, best of all, it's dishwasher safe!

The next product that I reviewed is also pretty snazzy- it's Dr. Drip Coffee! Here's a bit about this product, also from a press release that I received:
Dr. Drip Coffee – a revolutionary single serve brewing system that brews a delicious cup o’ joe with just hot water. Perfect for parents on-the-go, these recyclable & compostable individual packets are perfect to stash away for use in the kitchen, at the office or during your PTA meetings.
Brewing my coffee!

View from above
This is another really clever idea, and offers a nice alternative to instant coffee. It's a clever little paper filter system that perches on your coffee cup, then you pour in hot water and your coffee filters through into your cup! I liked how fast it brewed, and really enjoyed the taste of the coffee as well.  My in-laws are not coffee drinkers, so I'm always searching for easy ways to take my morning cup of coffee along when we visit them, and I think I've found my solution! 

Finally, I had the chance to review Omyst.  This is a product that I know we're going to be using a lot, since Vivian is very accident prone and is constantly getting a cut or scrape.  But now I have Omyst to help when she's hurt! Here's a bit about Omyst:
Small enough to keep in your pocket, purse or pack up with the kids to school – Omyst is made with 100% organically grown herbs. It’s the first patented organic first-aid spray - everything you want for your kids and nothing you don’t. Unlike thick messy ointments, Omyst bathes cuts, scratches, minor burns, insect bites and rashes in a fine mist that dries quickly, allowing wounds to breathe and heal faster.

Omyst works better and faster than traditional first-aid treatments because it dries quickly, allowing the power of air to perform its curative magic. Omyst’s organically grown, medicinal herbs work together to complete the healing process quickly, safely and effectively:

·         Calendula soothes, softens and reduces inflammation.
·         Yarrow kills a wide range of bacteria and prevents fungal growth.
·         Plantain restores, kills germs and helps stop bleeding.
·         Wild roses rejuvenate, soothe and heal.

I thought that this spray went on nicely, wasn't sticky, dried well and smelled much better than normal medicines.  I really like that it can be used on a variety of ouchies- it's always nice to have multi-purpose products.  

So, there you have it- some great eco-friendly products that my family really likes!

Disclosure: I received these products to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.