Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow Pet

As mentioned here several times, my kids are big fans of Thomas the Tank Engine and friends.  Actually, Ethan is a fan of Thomas and Vivian is madly in love with Percy. They're really funny with their favorites and are always excited to see them on screen or play with their Thomas and Percy toys.  And when a box arrived at our front door that contained something special for Ethan, he was beyond thrilled when he saw what was inside. It was a Thomas Pillow Pet!

Ethan loves his new friend

Trying out Thomas as a pillow
Since Ethan received this pillow, it's never too far away from him.  He's constantly asking me to make Thomas into a pillow or to refasten the strap that turns him back into Thomas.  I'm impressed by the quality of this pillow. It's a nice size, it's got wonderful, soft fabric, and everything is sturdy and well made. It's definitely a pillow that's meant to be played with and loved! 

These Pillow Pets are available in two sizes and can be found at lots of stores. I think these would make a great holiday gift for the little one in your life!  We've seen them at Target and Fred Meyer. If you have a Percy fan, like I do, there is also a Percy Pillow Pet. I've promised to buy Vivian one if she ever cooperates with potty training! 

Disclosure: I received this pillow pet to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.