Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wii game review: Puss in Boots

When we got home from visiting Daniel's parents in Canada last weekend, there was one package waiting by our mailbox that I was particularly excited to see- our new Puss in Boots game for the Wii! This game is also available for XBox 360 Kinect, PS3 and the DS. As soon as I got us unpacked and started the first load of laundry, I popped the game into the Wii and started to play. Before I describe my experience with it, here's a bit about this game, from a press release that I received:

Puss in Boots
Step into the legendary boots and take up the trusty sword of Puss In Boots in this all-new adventure. In the Puss In Boots video game, set out on a swashbuckling adventure into the thrilling origin story of the feline hero himself.  On this daring journey, players must utilize Puss In Boots’ feline sneaking abilities, explore highly-interactive environments and engage in real-time swordplay against an array of fiendish foes.  With the game’s motion-based sword fighting element, players must swing, kick, block and unleash special attacks such as Puss In Boots’ “Claw Frenzy.” True to his nature, though, Puss will always find the time to serenade a seƱorita or two with his guitar.  So sharpen those claws and get ready – it’s the adventure of nine lifetimes!
When I started playing, I soon realized that it was a game that suited my video game playing skills perfectly.  The moves that Puss makes are simple and generally the screen shows you exactly what buttons you need to push or what you need to do with the remote/nunchuck. Puss pretty much only does a few things that require player input- balances on surfaces, sword fights with bandits, climbs along high surfaces or woos girl cats with his guitar playing, as well as the occasional sneaking or posing like a statue. When not doing one of those activities, the game directs itself. This is not a game where you can go the wrong direction or end up getting confused.  Which I really like, since I am too old and uncoordinated to figure out complicated games.  Another feature that I liked was that, when I did mess up, my character didn't die or have to go back to the start, he just lost points.

Each level does have a goal to meet, with coins to be collected and won along the way. So if you want to try and beat your score, you can go back and replay a level. The graphics were good on the game, other than a few of the introduction screens where the text was hard to read (but it wasn't anything important.  All in all, I really enjoyed the game and had a fun, relaxing time playing it, but I was really suprised and kind of annoyed when I finished the whole game after just playing it for a short period of time on three consecutive nights.  And, since it's a story-based game, there's not too much motivation (other than beating my scores or maybe trying to beat Daniel's scores) to go back and replay it.  Kids may feel differently about that though.

So, my overall opinions is that this is a fun, family-friendly game that's easy to play and is enjoyable, but that is over way too soon.  It's rated E10, and I think it would be best suited to the older child/casual (and perhaps not very good) adult gamer. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this game to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.