Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our favorite things of 2011

We've been so fortunate to get to work with many, many great companies during 2011 and have tried out a lot of great products.  But I wanted to revisit our favorites, so this week have been thinking it over. This morning I asked my husband what his favorite items are that we've reviewed in 2011, and he immediately named two of the three things that were also on my list.  So I knew I was on the right track! 

1.  We madly love our Jabra products.  This year we received the Clipper, the Sport and the Freeway. My ears are too small (I have seriously tiny ears) to support the Jabra Sport Bluetooth headset, so Daniel got to keep that one and he uses it often.  He likes the wireless headset a lot, finds it easy to use and thinks that the sound is great.  I use the Jabra Clipper daily around the house. I really like this, because when I'm listening to my iPod, I'm also usually moving around the house. The fact that I'm not tethered to my iPod by headphones keeps me from getting the headphone tangled up in things (which I used to do all the time).  Again, the Clipper is easy to use, and the sound is great. 

Jabra Clipper

Jabra Sport

We use the Jabra Freeway in our car and really like it. I particularly like that the Freeway turns itself on and off automatically when it senses someone getting in to the car, and also automatically connects to my Bluetooth devices.  It has a lot of other great features as well, and if you're in the market for a handsfree device for your car, I highly recommend this one.
The Jabra Freeway

2. My kids' favorite product of the year is definitely their LeapFrog LeapPad. Judging from the stories I've been hearing lately, everyone else thinks this device looks great too- I know there's a great shortage of them for purchase these days! If you can find one though, you'll love it.  The kids find it easy to use, love all the apps and e-books and games and videos that we've added to it, and ask to play it often. Ethan likes to take pictures with the built-in camera, and I'm always amused by the scenes he's captured. 

The only thing that we don't love about the LeapPad is that it runs on AA batteries, and burns through them pretty quickly. However, this often offers us a good excuse to make the kids stop playing with it for a while, so it's not a total negative. We've invested in some rechargeable batteries for it now, so we're not throwing away so many batteries all the time.  Other than that, this is a device that we've been using for some time now and absolutely adore.  Even Daniel and I have been known to play the games on it from time to time after the kids have gone to bed :)

3. The only thing that wasn't on both my favorite things list and Daniel's is my Miche purse.  I have been lucky enough to bookend 2011 with wins of Miche purses, one from a giveaway on another blog and one from Miche's Facebook giveaway. (Which is still going on- go enter!)

Miche bags are so cool- they consist of a base bag and shells that snap on and off. You can change your look without having to dump everything out of your purse and switch it to another one. 

The Miche bag that I've been using all through 2011 is the Prima base bag with several different beautiful shells. I never fail to get comments on it when I'm using the bag, and when I show people how easily the shell comes off for a super-fast change in my bag's appearance, they are always excited and amazed.  The Prima bag is a nice, large bag, which is handy for toting around all the things that the kids and I need.  I have another shell for this bag waiting for me under our Christmas tree, and I can't wait to put it on my bag!

Disclosure: We received the Jabra products and the LeapPad to review for ourselves, as stated on previous posts about these products.  I won the Miche bag in a blog giveaway. I received no additional compensation for this post.