Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Zomsters Clothing and Collections

I'm all for cute things when it comes to dressing my kids and decorating their room, but sometimes you want something a little different- something that every other child isn't wearing or looking at in their room.  Enter Zomsters, a line of kid-friendly clothing and collections. Here's a bit about the company, from its website:
Zomsters is a small, mother-owned children's company located in Snoqualmie, Washington. We make kid-friendly clothing and collections that have been carefully selected from earth-friendly materials such as organic cottons, azo-free dyes, non-toxic printing, and recycled and reusable materials.

Each Zomsters design and product has a unique touch of individuality, just like the little Zomsters wearing them! Not only do we design to make you smile, Zomsters is also designed to help create making small changes in our lives we can make big differences in helping our planet.

The lovely people at Zomsters sent us two products to review. One was an organic cotton onesie featuring Dewey the Zomster. Here's a peek at Dewey! 
This is a really nice, soft onesie, with a quality and fun design on it.  The colors on the onesie and on the design are all really bright and vibrant.  Since my kids are post-onesie age, I'm going to have to hold on to this for a baby shower gift in the future, and I know the lucky mom will love it as much as I do. 

We also received an art block, featuring the Zomster named Samuel. Here's a glimpse of Samuel and a bit about the art blocks:

Samuel is printed on Fine Art Canvas with archival pigment inks rated lightfast for more than 100 years. The canvas is mounted onto a museum-quality gallery panel with a 1-5/8 inch cradled birch plywood frame, and coated for UV and water resistance. Our Zomsters Art Blocks come in four sizes and look great hung on a wall or stacked in groups on a shelf.
I put Samuel on a table in the kids' room, and they are obsessed by it. I keep finding it in different places in our home, as the kids both like to pick him up and carry him around.  The art block is really sturdy and well-made, and I have no worries about the kids damaging it as they play with it. 

There are lots of Zomsters other than Samuel and Dewey, and they appear on onesies, knot hats, toddler tees, art blocks and prints, water bottles and collectibles. I like this company's creativity and commitment to quality, and I love that it's a local Pacific Northwest company and is mother-owned. Those are all my favorite things, all in one company!

If you're looking for something fun and a little different for your kids, be sure to check out all the fun that Zomsters has to offer. 

Disclosure: I received the onesie and art block discussed above to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.