Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: My Blue Bumbershoot

As you all know, I live in Seattle. And yes, it rains a lot here. And I spend a lot of time walking in the rain, since we're a city family and I do most of my errand-running on foot.  Surprisingly though, I don't typically use an umbrella- partly because my hands are full with kids and strollers, and partly because it's very windy when it rains and many umbrellas aren't practical. 

So I was very interested when I got the opportunity to review a new product- My Blue Bumbershoot, an umbrella for your stroller! Here's a bit about this, from its website:

  • Easy to use. My Blue Bumbershoot simply clamps onto your stroller.
  • One size fits all. Attach it to virtually any type of stroller.
  • Great design. You'll love how durable, adjustable, stowable and lightweight it is.
My Blue Bumbershoot is the brainchild of much trial and error - and, finally success. My Blue Bumbershoot was designed with Stroller Chauffeurs in mind. It's clear so that you don't crash into oncoming pedestrians. It's shaped like a bubble to protect you from the rain. It has a universal clamp so it attaches to virtually all types of strollers.

 My Blue Bumbershoot gives you the freedom to embrace the rain™!
When I take Vivian for walks in the rain (which is often), I'm generally pretty thoroughly rained on by the time we reach our destination. I do have hoods on my coats, but these tend to blow off in the wind, and I don't like to have my hood on while crossing intersections, since it blocks my view.  So the My Blue Bumbershoot has been perfect for me!

Finding the perfect spot on my stroller handle to attach the My Blue Bumbershoot took a few minutes, as I looked for a place where it could attach securely, be at a good angle for me, and not interfere with the folding action of my stroller. But I eventually found it, attached the clamp, tightened it, put in the umbrella and was ready to roll. 

The My Blue Bumbershoot is a large umbrella, as you can see in the pictures, and it's shaped so that it covers the stroller pusher well, without catching the wind. The umbrella itself seems to be of very good quality and it's also really easy to open and close. You can easily adjust the height of the umbrella (which is really nice when you have two people of different heights pushing the stroller) or the direction that it's pointing, and when you don't need the umbrella, you can rotate the umbrella down to store it on the side, or slide the umbrella out of the clamp. I stayed very dry with this umbrella, all while being able to see where I was going and having no worries while crossing the street.
Us, staying dry on a rainy Seattle evening!
There is an awful lot of rainy Seattle winter ahead of me, and I'm glad to have something that will make my outings less damp and soggy! If you're a parent who does a lot of walking with a stroller in inclement weather, you want to check out My Blue Bumbershoot. And if you're not pushing a stroller, but are in a wheelchair or using a walker, My Blue Bumbershoot can work with those as well. Very handy!

For more information on My Blue Bumbershoot, you can visit the product's page, located here.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I received a My Blue Bumbershoot umbrella to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.