Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bob Harper's Smart Success Products

Back in December, I received an email asking me if I'd be interested in reviewing a new line of products- Bob Harper's Smart Success Products. I agreed, and a box of products showed up on my doorstep shortly thereafter. The box contained the Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit, the Smart Weight Loss pills, the Smart 7-Day Cleanse and the Smart Multivitamin.

After Christmas, my digestive system was thoroughly annoyed with me, so I started using the Smart 7-Day Cleanse.  It's primarily a laxative (containing senna), and I did not take the pills for the full seven days, but just for about four days. I thought the pills were helpful for getting my system back on track and when I took them in combination with lots of water, I was feeling much better. 

I also really liked the Smart Multivitamin. These multivitamin tablets contained all the vitamins that I like to get in my multivitamin, but were still small enough to swallow easily. As with all of the Smart Success products, the multivitamins are suitable for a dairy-free and gluten-free diet. Definitely a nice product.

My review of the Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit and the Smart Weight Loss pills is a little more mixed. The pills claim that the are backed up by two studies showing weight loss in participants. These don't appear to be published studies and very few details about these studies are given. Before I took the pills, I spent quite a while looking at other reviews on the internet, then I spent more time looking through toxicological and medical databases (I'm a toxicologist by training and have done quite a bit of work with dietary supplements).  After a thorough review, I found only one published study using a supplement with the same ingredients (although levels were not indicated in the study or in the Smart Weight Loss pills) as in the TrimSmart Blend of the Smart Weight Loss pills. That study did show weight loss in a small group of overweight and obese people over several  months.

I did not find anything that made me nervous about taking the pills, so I decided to go ahead with it.  The Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit is a seven day program, designed to help jumpstart weight loss. In addition to the pills, it contains a meal plan and exercise plan, and bonus DVD. There are pills to take in the morning (containing caffeine) and other pills to take at night that do not contain caffeine.

Personally, the level of caffeine in the pills (180 mg per pill) was too much for me to handle and I could only tolerate half the dose. The same has been true for the Smart Weight Loss pills that I have been taking since I finished the starter kit.  In addition to taking the pills, the user is recommended to also use a calorie-reduced diet and get regular exercise, as well as not snacking between meals or after dinner. And 8-10 glasses of water daily are recommended.

I've been on this weight loss plan in connection with also being on a weight loss plan for 6 weeks now. And I have lost some weight, but not more than I usually lose when just doing this weight loss plan alone. On weeks when I didn't watch my diet as closely or exercised less, I did not lose weight, despite taking the supplements the same every week. I do like think the caffeine boost in the mornings that I get from the pills is helpful- sometimes I can't even get a few sips of coffee in me before the kids drag me off to do something else, and taking the pill is definitely easier!

So, what's my conclusion here.  First- as with ANY dietary supplement, please, please talk to your doctor before taking it. Especially if you are sensitive to caffeine or have any medical conditions.  Dietary supplements are not nothing. They have real effects on people and real interactions with each other and with prescriptions.  Secondly, in the time I have been taking these pills, I don't think they've caused any more weight loss than the reduced calorie/increased exercise/increased water/no snacking alone would cause.  But in the interest of full disclosure, I am taking only half of the recommended dose, because of the caffeine content. I do plan to continue taking the weight loss pills for a while longer, primarily because I need some extra energy and the caffeine provides that, which means I'm more likely to exercise!

Disclosure: I received these products to review for myself and was not compensated in any other way. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


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