Saturday, March 17, 2012

My morning with Hallmark

On Thursday, the kids and I had the chance to attend a blogger event in Seattle as part of the Hallmark Moments and Milestones tour. And I am so glad we went! When we arrived at Local 360 (which is an adorable restaurant with amazing food!), we were met by a crowd of smiling faces wearing pink Hallmark shirts.  After finding a seat at a table with one of my favorite local blog friends, we settled in for a good time.

During the event, we had the chance to meet a number of Hallmark employees and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what they do. A lot of thought and emotion goes into Hallmark cards- they're definitely the result of hard work! As the writers shared, I could see how much they loved their job and love bringing a smile or comfort to someone's life through their work. One of the people we met has been writing greeting cards for 30 years- that's a really creative mind, right there, to constantly be coming up with new ideas for that long!

And Hallmark put us to work as well. We all shared what it is that we want other people to express to us, we picked our favorite greeting card to send to a friend and explained why we picked the card, and finally we brainstormed as teams to write a card based on a supplied photograph. This exercise made us think hard- and we also laughed a lot. It's not an easy job, but fortunately my team had a stand-up comedienne on it, so our card was picked as the best! Go, us!

We also had the chance to check out some new Hallmark products. My kids' favorite, hands down, is the new Hallmark Story Buddy- Nugget! 

Nugget is an absolutely adorable, huggable, soft stuffed animal, and he loves to hear his story read! As you read the Nugget book that comes along with the stuffed animal, he actually responds to some of the lines in the books! It's pretty cool and my kids beg to hear the story again and again.

As adorable as Nugget is, my favorite new product from Hallmark is the Blooming Expressions card. If you haven't seen these yet in stores- they are really great- it's decor and a card all in one. When closed, the Blooming Expressions just looks like a flower, but with the touch of a button it opens up to share a sentiment on a tiny card inside.
What a wonderful, lasting way to remind someone over and over what they mean to you!

We also got to check out the great Hallmark recordable storybooks- a great way to read a story with a child or grandchild, even when you're far away.
And of course there were LOTS of new Hallmark greeting cards to check out. They really do have every occasion covered. Some cards even come with postage already on the envelope. Hallmark has thought of everything!

All in all, it was a wonderful, emotional, informative morning, and I'm even a bigger fan of Hallmark now.  They really put a lot of themselves into their work, and I think it shows!

Disclosure: I was invited to this event, thanks to Hallmark, and also received a gift bag with the items pictured here. I was not compensated in any other way, was under no obligation to write a blog post of any sort and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.