Thursday, April 26, 2012

CD review: Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits

One of our favorite rainy day activities (and we live in Seattle, so there are many rainy days) is putting on a fun CD and dancing around the kitchen.  Lately our dancing music has been especially energetic, thanks to the arrival of Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits in our home.In case you haven't heard of Kidz Bop before, here's a bit about it, from its website:

We at KIDZBOP LLC. have been working over the last ten years to deliver safe and entertaining music for kids via our KIDZ BOP CDs ("today's biggest hits sung by kids for kids"). Thanks to you and your children, we are happy to say we are the number one music brand for children ages 5-12 and have sold more than 11 million KIDZ BOP CDs to date!
Our mission with our music offering has been to entertain and empower children to express themselves through safe, age-appropriate, popular music.
This CD has 13 songs on it, all kid-friendly versions of popular songs. The CD includes: Tik Tok, Dynamite, California Gurls, I Gotta Feeling, Billionaire, Party in the U.S.A., Break Your Heart, Hey Soul Sister, DJ Got Us Falling in Love, Fire Burning, You Belong With Me, Single Ladies and Fireflies.  While the singers (obviously) aren't quite up to the professional level of the original artists, I thought they were still quite good and that the CD was enjoyable to listen to.  It was also kind of fun to listen to the songs for which I know the non-kid-friendly versions and be amused at their creativity in changing the lyrics.

All in all, this is a CD that both my kids and I enjoy listening to and we will be continuing to dance to it for some time to come. Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits will be released on May 8th.