Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Brolly Sheets

We've had cause for great celebration in our house lately- we no longer have any kids in diapers!  After discussing it for quite some time, I finally took away Vivian's diapers. Fortunately for me, Vivian caught on quickly and pretty much potty-trained herself in a matter of three days.  She's even been staying dry at night. With a few exceptions of course.  And on those nights we've had to get up, wrestle with the tight sheets on her toddler bed, find clean sheets and try to get everything done quickly, before she wakes up too much.  And we haven't always been successful. Which is why I'm thrilled to have received a product from Brolly Sheets, which has been the answer to this dilemma. Here's a bit about the product, from its website:

The top 5 reasons why Brolly Sheets are best sellers! 

  1. Ultimate comfort for sleeping
    • 100% cotton topped
    • Breathable and quiet PUL waterproof backing
  2. Innovative tuck in wings
    • Keeps Brolly Sheet secured to mattress
    • Quick to change
    • Minimises sleep disruption for carers and users  
  3. Stylish color options
    • Twin - choice of blue, pink, lime, red and white
    • Queen - choice of blue, pink and white  
  4. Re-uasable and easy care
    • Cost-effective alternative to disposable products 
    • Superior quality that's made to last
  5. Designed for multi-purpose use
    • Lightweight and portable - great for travelling
    • Protects bedding pre- and post- birth and after surgery

I've had the Brolly Sheet on Vivian's bed for a while now, and she's thrilled with her pretty new blue sheet. It feels just like a normal sheet on top, and it doesn't crinkle or make noise like the plastic sheet covers too. It's been easy to tuck in and keep in place (it's designed to go around the middle of the bed and tuck in with the long flaps on the side), and is simple to remove when needed.  I tested out the absorbency by pouring a large glass of water on the middle, and the sheet sucked it all up. Reportedly the sheet can absorb up to one 1/2 gallon. I especially liked that it stopped the leak from spreading too far, which is important when dealing with a toddler bed full of stuffed animals and dolls.

You can get Brolly Sheets in Twin or Queen size (I'm using the Queen size one on Vivian's bed, just wrapped around a different way- it works!).  The Brolly Sheets are made of three layers- 100% cotton on top, 95% polyester/5% rayon in the middle and 100% polyester backed urethane on the bottom layer. There is no PVC or vinyl in this sheet.

If you've got a little one who frequently wets their bed, or a person with special needs/someone recovering from surgery or other procedure that may involve accidents or leakage, definitely check this innovative and useful product out!

Disclosure: I received this product to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


raveandreview said...

Go Vivian!! I need to get rid of diapers, too and this looks great!