Monday, May 7, 2012

Book review and giveaway: The Messenger

When I received an email from BethanyHouse, asking if I'd like to review a new historical fiction novel called The Messenger, I quickly glanced at the plot and the picture of the cover, saw it was written by Siri Mitchell (an author that I greatly enjoy reading) and agreed. I figured it would be another light read- a romance set during the Revolutionary War. But when I received it and started reading, it didn't take me long to see that this book was so much more! Here's a bit about it, from the publisher's website:

Hannah Sunderland felt content in her embrace of the Quaker faith... until her twin brother joined the Colonial cause and ended up in jail. She longs to bring some measure of comfort to him in the squalid prison, but her faith forbids it. The Friends believe that they are not to take sides, not to take up arms. She is not allowed to visit him, even if she were able to secure a pass.
Jeremiah Jones, a Colonial spy, needs access to the jail to help rescue men important to the cause. Upon meeting Hannah, a plan begins to develop. Who would suspect a pious Quaker visiting a loved one?
But Jeremiah is unprepared for Hannah, for her determination to do right, to not lie. How can one be a spy and not lie? Hannah, in turn, is surprised by Jeremiah... for the way he forces her to confront her own beliefs, for the sensitivity and concern that he shows her despite the wounds he still carries.
In a time of war, can two unlikely heroes find the courage to act?
This book is based on actual historical events that occurred in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War.  Even though I consider myself to be fairly well-educated about American history, it covers events and circumstances that I was totally unaware of.  The author, Siri Mitchell,  does an amazing job of bringing these long-ago events and people to life with wonderful descriptions.

The Messenger does have a romance element to it, but the main story is about personal faith and conviction to act, no matter what the consequences. It makes you stop and consider what you would have done in similar circumstances and whether you would have had the courage to give up everything for a cause. 

If you're a fan of historical novels, I highly recommend that you take a look at this book. 

And I have good news-  I'm going to pass my copy of The Messenger on to one of you.  Open to US mailing addresses, enter at the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Disclosure: I received this book to review for myself. I was under no obligation to post a positive review and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


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