Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Mobilexpressions iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire covers- now available at Target!

My husband and I really love our iPods.  They're more or less our lifeline to the world.  And we've passed on this love to our kids, who ask constantly to play with our iPods. We try to limit their total screen time for electronics, but occasionally we agree.  And every so often, despite their best efforts, the kids drop the iPods.  I've had a case on mine for a while now and every time I see the iPod slip from my kids' hands, I'm grateful that there's something protecting it. Daniel's iPod has been living on the edge sans case- until this past week.  We received a new item from Mobilepressions- a very nice iPhone case. (Note, these cases are designed for iPhone 4/4s, and are a little large on a iPod Touch, but all the buttons are accessible and it stays on nicely, so it works!)

After looking at the options for cases, Daniel picked the Breeze pattern.  And when it arrived, he commented how much he liked it. Now it's looking good on his iPod and is protecting it from little fingers.

This case is not the only one available at Target (and There are many other designs available, and there are cases for iPads and Kindle Fires as well as iPhones.  I particularly like this pretty design- Allure- which is available in both iPhone and Kindle Fire cases.

All of these cases are exclusive to Target, so if you're looking to dress up your electronic device, be sure to head on over to Target to check them out!

Disclosure: I received this case to review for myself (with my husband's help). I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.