Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Day Out With Thomas- 2012!

This past Friday morning was filled with some crazy summer thunderstorms- lots of rain and thunder! So we were a little concerned about going on our Day Out With Thomas in the afternoon. But all was well and the rain didn't reach Snoqualmie, where we instead found sunshine and Thomas the Tank Engine waiting for us!

After parking and making our way through the gates, we joined the other families who were already having fun on the grounds. We listened to Caspar Babypants play some fun music, we got Thomas and Percy tattoos, we played at the train tables and bounced in the bouncy house.  Then we lined up and took photos with Thomas and with Sir Toppen Hatt. 
First spotting of Thomas!

And finally it was time to get on the train and head off to the gorgeous Snoqualmie Falls. It's always fun to see the falls from above- they're spectacular, as is the surrounding scenery. 

The kids had a great time with all of the activities and had a hard time picking a favorite when asked at the end of the day.  All of the activities were more or less identical to those that we did at Day Out With Thomas last year, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

If you have a Thomas fan in your house- check to see if there's a Day Out With Thomas event going on nearby! Be sure to book tickets early, as this event usually sells out quickly.

A couple of notes.  It all looks crowded and busy, but it's well organized and lines move quickly.  There is lots to do in the time before you arrive (and yes, I think arriving an hour prior to your train time is really a good idea).  Start lining up about 20 minutes before your train's scheduled time. And if you're attending in Snoqualmie, try to avoid bringing a stroller, as there is lots of gravel and there are tracks to cross and it's difficult to get around with a stroller.

Disclosure: I received tickets to this event so that I could review it with my family. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.