Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our weekend with a 2013 Ford Taurus

A few weeks ago I received an email asking if I'd like to borrow a shiny new Ford vehicle for a few days.  My answer was, of course, sure! After discussions with my husband about the feasibility of easily getting car seats into a sports car (we had a few different cars to choose from) and pointing out that my blog is about family products, we decided to try out the 2013 Ford Taurus.

When it arrived at our home, my husband installed the car seats in the back and then the kids and I were off on adventures.  My initial reaction was that the car was very easy to drive, with good acceleration and nice handling.  I felt very secure in it. The kids' first reaction to the car was that it smelled nice (they've never been in a new car before). 

This particular Ford Taurus came loaded with so many features that I didn't know what button to push first. The Ford employee that came out to talk me through some of the features compared it to driving a new computer- it takes a while to figure out all the cool things that it can do! I was particularly impressed by the SYNC with MyFord Touch system.  On screens in front of the driver and on the center console, there are displays that tell you SO many things. There are speed control settings, driver-assist settings, at-a-glance information about entertainment, climate control, phone, navigation, to name just a few.  I opened up a cover on the arm rest, expecting to find (more) cup holders (I'd already found three up front!) and instead found the media hub with two USB ports, RCA jacks and an SD card slot.

There is just a ton going on with this car, so it was hard to pick out my favorite features.  But here goes.  I like that it drove easily and didn't feel huge. I loved the rear camera that comes on automatically when the car goes into reverse. I'm only 5 feet tall and have trouble seeing over the back seat headrests in most cars (true of this one as well). The rear camera gave me confidence when I was backing up.  I also especially liked the blind spot indicators.  I'm not a frequent driver and I do get nervous out on the highway, particularly when merging in traffic, so these were a handy feature to have. The other features that I particularly liked (given that we were testing the car on a 90+ degree weekend) were the air conditioned seats in the front, and the fact that there were vents in the back, so my kids got air coming directly to them.

And the Active Park Assist- so fun! My kids and I had a great time while we were testing this car, driving around and finding parallel parking spots so that we could make the car park itself! :)

Many of the family-friendly features on this Taurus like the MyKey system, SYNC with MyFord Touch, and the Active Park Assist are also available on other Ford vehicles as well. For more details on the Taurus and other Ford vehicles, be sure to drop by the Ford website.

My kids still ask where the "blue car" went- they had fun riding around in it and I had a great time driving it! We will definitely be keeping Ford vehicles on our short list for our next car purchase.

Disclosure: I was loaned this car to review for myself.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.