Saturday, September 8, 2012

Book review and giveaway: You Can't Make Me [but I can be persuaded]

I have one semi strong-willed child and one VERY strong-willed child. My VERY strong-willed child (SWC for short) is my 3-year-old, Vivian.  And she cannot be made to do anything she does not want to do. I learned that lesson the hard way early on.  Sometimes it works in my favor (she potty-trained herself with almost no help from me, in the space of three days), but often it leads to lots of frustration for both of us. So when I heard about a new book called You Can't Make Me [but I can be persuaded], I knew it was something I needed to read!

This book is authored by Cynthia Tobias, who is a mom, educator and author. Here's a bit about the book, from the publisher's website:

Turn Conflict into Cooperation
Many parents suspect their strong-willed child is deliberately trying to drive them crazy. Difficult to discipline and seemingly impossible to motivate, these children present unique, exhausting, and often-frustrating challenges to the those who love them.

But strong will is not a negative trait. These same children have firm convictions, high spirits, a sense of adventure—all the makings of a great adult. In this book you’ll discover how to channel that passion and determination in positive ways as you build a healthy relationship. Through insights gained from strong-willed people of all ages, you’ll…
·         better understand how their minds really work.
·         discover positive ways to motivate your strong-willed child.
·         learn how to share control without compromising parental authority.
·         apply key tactics to survive a meltdown.
·         get practical tips for parents who disagree, blended families, and single parents.

Packed with  immediately useful strategies to drastically reduce the level of tension in the home (or in the classroom), You Can’t Make Me shows how you can start today to build a stronger, more positive relationship with your strong-willed child.

I really enjoyed this book and thought the lessons that it taught were immensely useful.  The main point of this book is to teach adults how a SWC thinks in different situations.  Sometimes what looks like disobedience is curiosity or a different way of thinking about a situation. Instead of disciplining and forcing the SWC to think a certain way, this book suggests ways to use the SWC's natural gifts for everyone's benefit. And it's not just for parents of SWC preschoolers- it covers situations that parents and teachers face with SWC of all ages.

You Can't Make Me will be released this September 18th. 

And I have good news- I'm giving away a copy of this book! Open to US mailing addresses, enter at the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


Laurie said...

would love this book-I have a very 'spirited" little boy!

Carol L. said...

I don't know where my comment went but I'll try again. :)
Two of my daughters could use this book. They both have independent and stubborn sons. Thanks for this chance.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Heather said...

I would like to win because I have TWO very stubborn children. I am tired of yelling at them and trying to get them to do things. They are 5 and 3, and things need to be changed between me and them, now! I don't know what to do anymore to get them to do what I need them to do. From eating, to getting dressed, to just coming when I call them to get ready to go. I am beyond frustrated.

moushka said...

My 4yo niece is very stubborn. I would like to get this book for my sister.

laura20v said...

i need this for my daughter!!

Jenny said...

I would like to win this - my daughter is pretty stubborn.

rookieabh said...

Unfortunately.. my children are like me.. stubborn and strong-willed! I could really use this book!

Anne N. said...

This will help me with my daughter.

polly said...

i will give this to my son & daughter in 4 year old grandson sometimes can be stubborn but not too much!