Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apollo 13: Mission Control was a blast!

This afternoon, my family loaded up in the car and headed down to Tacoma to take part in a show called Apollo 13:Mission Control. If you missed my earlier post about the show, you can check it out here.

When we arrived, we were all issued into a room with walls covered with pictures of astronauts and a big screen showing rocket launches.  After a short wait, "Walter Cronkite" came out on the stage to welcome us, and introduced the two astronauts.  They were in need of a third, so they auditioned several audience members before picking one person to blast off into space with them. Then the astronauts were off to the launch pad and we all headed into mission control.  We sat at tables covered in all sorts of official looking equipment with lots of lights and screens and switches to flip.

My family

Ready for launch!

My console

Vivian, taking notes

Walter Cronkite

In the civil defense drill, we learned duck and cover. And if that's not possible, we were told to hide under something white. Ethan took it very seriously. 


Working hard!

Then it was time for the show to start and we were soon busy being members of mission control and helping get our spaceship to space and then home safely.  There was lots of audience participation in the show, with lines to read and phones to answer. We even had to do some basic algebra to figure out fuel needs!  Members of the audience had to help figure out filters for the ship, others went on TV interviews with Walter Cronkite.  There was lots to do, but it was low pressure and lots of fun. 

My 3-1/2 -year old looked at me at one point in the show and said "Mommy, I love this show!"  And my 5-year-old spent the entire time flipping switches and listening to the headphones.  At the end, we all cheered when mission control brought the astronauts home safely.

This show is fun and participatory and teaches about a chapter in the US's space program.  If you have the chance to go while it's in town, I highly recommend it!

Disclosure: I received tickets to attend this show and review it for myself. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


Ruth Hill said...

That means that my family and I were there as well! We attended the same show! Isn't that crazy?

I'll be posting my review today. I can't place where you guys were. My daughter ended up being in the back with an actual speaking part. And she and the brother of Liesel got to work on something together, and she was not afraid to go up front.