Monday, February 25, 2013

DVD review: My Lucky Elephant

My parents are in town and I've been outsourcing most of my childcare to them.  They've been doing an excellent job, so I decided to ask them to do some of my reviews as well! I started with an easy one, by asking them and the kids to watch My Lucky Elephant, a new movie coming out on DVD tomorrow, February 26. Here's a bit about this movie, from a press release that I received:

Synopsis:  In a far away land of jungles and wild animals, there lived a little orphan boy who was all alone in the world. But he knew that no matter how hard life can be, it's always better if you can share it with a friend. This is the story of how he found one, an elephant named Lucky. Together they face a changing world, but always manage to triumph. After a series of humorous challenges, they discover the Academy of Art, where elephants learn to paint. And Lucky becomes the star painter, a famous artist and celebrity. Finally, life is good for them, with money and food aplenty. But when Lucky falls in love with another elephant, Candy, and starts his own family, what will the boy do? My Lucky Elephant is an exotic adventure in a magical and beautiful place, and yet it's about what everyone is looking for in life - a true friend, a home, family.

My family was upstairs watching the movie in our living room while I was in the kitchen doing homework, so I could still hear the movie and their reactions.  I was most amused by my mom- she spent the first 20 minutes of the movie commenting on various things that she didn't know before and that she was learning from the movie.  So it's an educational movie too!

After the movie finished, I went upstairs to do an interview.  Vivian most liked the scenes where the elephant was painting, my mom liked all the pretty scenery, and my dad and Ethan liked everything! My mom did note that she didn't love the part of the storyline that involved the main character being a young orphan and wandering around with no one to take care of him. That was hard for her to watch, as a grandmother.  Still, the general consensus was that it was an enjoyable family movie, had a good ending, and had something for everyone to enjoy.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this movie to review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are my family's and ours alone!