Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Postcardly now has a free app!

One of my favorite services online is one called Postcardly. You take a picture with your preferred device, upload it to Postcardly, and the service sends a personalized postcard to whomever you want it to go to! Last year I was able to send my family postcards with pictures of Daniel and I on a glacier in Iceland- all from my iPod! Now Postcardly makes it even easier, with their free app.  Read on for details:

SEATTLE, Washington - January 31, 2013 - Postcardly is making it even easier for people to send postcards-now using their phones. Postcardly is releasing a free iPhone app today, which people can use to snap a photo, write a message, and send a full-size physical, printed postcard to friends and family anywhere in the world. New users get three postcards free.  

Postcardly puts whatever you write onto the back of a postcard (up to about 100 words), and whatever picture you want onto the front of the postcard. Then Postcardly sends it through the mail, for 99 cents or less ($1.99 per postcard if you're sending outside the U.S.).

"Mail can feel a bit like magic," said Paul Hughes, co-founder of Postcardly. "It's so easy and cheap to send this little object literally around the world. You can hold it in your hands or put it on your fridge-so every time you look at it, you're reminded of who sent it. It's more special and permanent than a Facebook post or an email."

The new Postcardly app builds on the email-based system that the company established in its first year, which customers have used to send vacation photos, thank-you notes, party invitations, birth announcements, and more. Postcardly postcards are full-size, traditional postcards-6" by 4.25", with photos that run right to the edge. "Because we're old-school postcard fans, we wanted our postcards to feel good in your hands," said Hughes.

You don't even need a smartphone: You can use the new Postcardly app or
your email to send postcards. Every time you send someone a postcard, Postcardly creates a unique email address for that recipient, linked to their physical mailing address. You can send postcards from your computer using that email address (your attached picture on the front, the body of the email on the back) or using the new Postcardly app.

Key Points:
  • Frame-worthy, high-quality, 6" x 4.25" paper postcards. 300dpi, full-bleed photos on high-quality card-stock paper. Postcardly postcards look and feel good.
  • Plenty of room for a thoughtful message on the back: about 100 words (500 characters).
  • Super easy: once you're signed up, send a postcard in under a minute.
  • Just 99 cents per card, $1.99 for international. (Or as low as 67 cents each with a value plan.)
  • Introductory pricing for new customers: five postcards for just $1.99 (that's three postcards free).
  • email addresses. You can use the new Postcardly app or your email to send postcards. Send the way you want, wherever you go, no smartphone required.
Find and download the FREE Postcardly app here.

To learn more about Postcardly or to sign up, go to

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Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post- just sharing some fun news! 


Paul at Postcardly said...

Thanks for the write-up, Carrie! I love that you sent glacier pics from Iceland. So cool. Let us know how you're liking the app!