Thursday, April 25, 2013

PBS Kids Apps

Last Saturday my family had the opportunity to attend a fun event at the Pacific Science Center, put on by PBS Kids and others.  We were familiar with PBS Kids, but thought it was just a collection of shows that the kids watch on occasion.  Turns out we were so wrong! PBS Kids is not only TV shows, but also much more!

Best photobomb ever!

Ethan  met the Cat in the Hat

For example, did you know that PBS Kids has online games and also apps for your mobile devices? And the games aren't just fun, but designed to help your children develop basic math and literacy skills that they need to succeed in school and life! You can see all the fun games and apps at the PBS Kids Lab.

Vivian tried out some of the games

There's also a PBS Parents app (free!) that has suggested activities and games that you can play in a variety of locations. I was at the park with Vivian the other day and pulled out the app and read their suggestions for ways I could help her learn while we played. She didn't even realize she was learning! 

We were also amazed to learn about programs going on locally with our local PBS stations and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In addition to encouraging education through use of PBS games and apps, one local station has a program to help low income families stay in their housing, so that their kids can have a stable education and not constantly be moving and starting over at a new school. Wow! Not just TV indeed!  You can read more about the Ready to Learn Initiative at this site.

So, if you're looking for some fun and educational games to play with your kids- especially as summer vacation gets near- need to keep up those skills- check out all PBS Kids has to offer. 

Disclosure: I was invited to the event at Pacific Science Center and my family received free admission to the museum as well. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.