Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Planning a family trip this summer?

Now that people know that I work as a travel writer in addition to writing for this blog, I get asked a lot for travel advice. And my advice is always the same- check Trekaroo! Trekaroo is a great resource for families. It features reviews, articles and lists of family-friendly activities. And these aren't written by some person who has no real connection to family travel, but they are written by real moms and dads for other families.

This past week we've been focusing on camping over at Trekaroo, since that's such a budget-friendly and fun way to travel. I compiled some lists and wanted to share them here as well. Did I miss any of your favorites?  Family-friendly campgrounds in Oregon, Family-friendly campgrounds in Washington State, Family-friendly campgrounds in Idaho. My coworkers came up with a bunch of lists for other places in the country as well. You can see our lists at this link: Great family campgrounds for every type of camping

*I received no compensation for this post- just worked hard on these lists, as did others at Trekaroo, and I wanted to share them!