Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trekaroo goes to Canada! (Write reviews and earn rewards!)

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post, but I do work for Trekaroo.  Still, I honestly think it's the best family travel site ever, and you should join! It's free, has great advice and you can earn rewards! What are you waiting for!

My beloved Trekaroo has officially expanded to Canada!  Are you a family who lives in/travels to Canada? Share your experiences and earn rewards! Read on for details!

Big news! Family review site Trekaroothe largest independent community of travel savvy parents in the nation, is expanding into Canada! Families will now be able to search Trekaroo's database for the inside scoop on Canadian attractions, lodging, restaurants, and tours. To celebrate, Trekaroo will be kicking off their Canada launch with week-long coverage of four major Canadian cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. Throughout the summer, families can expect week-long features of each city, including travel advice, lodging reviews, and fabulous Canada vacation giveaways.
Are you an expert on a Canadian destination?
Trekaroo understands family travel, and knows that parents depend on expert advice from those in the know. The Trekaroo Canada Founders group is hard at work providing up-to-date, relevant family travel information for the following provinces: 
If you have experience traveling in these Canadian provinces, or if you're a Canadian expert on your home city, we need your reviews! Signing up as a Trekaroo member is easy and free, and once you do so, you can leave reviews to destinations, hotels, restaurants, and attractions you've visited. Reviews need only be a few lines long, but they assist fellow family travelers forever.
Earn Canada Rewards!
Because Trekaroo values the traveling community, and knows that no Trekaroo landing page would be complete without the inside scoop from experts, they're offering Trekaroo Canada Rewards. From now until funds run out, existing and new members can write 10 Canada reviews and get a $10 Amazon gift card. Think of this as a way to share useful information with fellow traveling parents while reaping a reward to boot!
Hurry though, because once the budget runs out, the offer ends. Learn more about Canada Rewards at Trekaroo!