Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Monsters University!

*Disclosure: My family received passes to attend a screening of Monsters University.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are ours and ours alone!

About a week ago, my family headed over to Bellevue to attend a screening of a movie that we've been anxiously waiting to see- Monsters University!

Our anticipation and excitement were well justified- this movie is great!  We laughed, we cheered and we loved watching Mike and Sulley get to know each other and learn to work as a team. Vivian (who just turned 4) was a little unsure at points in the movie (it is a movie about learning to be scary, after all), but once she moved from her seat to Mommy's lap, all was well.  Ethan (almost 6 years old) thought the movie was super fun and is still talking about it incessantly.  As for the grownups- I think we enjoyed it as much as any kids in the audience! It's a fun movie with a great plot and good lessons about honesty, friendship and hard work! Get yourselves to the theatre to see Monsters University- you will have a scarily good time!