Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Playdin’s Zip-Itz and Cotton Candy Cutesies

Disclosure: I received these toys to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

Even though my kids have a lot of stuffed animals already, I'm pretty much powerless to resist adding more to the population.  Especially when the creatures in question are really unique.  That was the case when I received the opportunity to review some cute toys from Playdin called Zip-Itz and Cotton Candy Cutesies. The pictures were just too fun to resist inviting these toys into our house! Here's a bit about them, from a press release that I received:

Playdin’s Zip-Itz are whimsical and mysterious characters garnished with many rainbow zippers. Zip-Itz allows children to zip open secret pockets where they can store hidden treasures. Kids can also play sweet with Playdin’s Cotton Candy Cutesies. These magical, plush characters have cotton-like hair with even sweeter personalities! Cotton Candy Cutesies have a unique personality based on their flavors such as Rainbow Cookie, Orange Cream Soda, Bubblegum, Frozen Lemonade and Hot Cinnamon. Cutesies are currently available in 11 flavorful styles. Zip-Itz ($6.99-$29.99) and Cotton Candy Cutesies ($13.99) are available at and

There was some negotiating that went on when the new toys arrived at our home, regarding which kid got which toy, but in the end, Vivian ended up with the Zip-Itz and Ethan with the Cotton Candy Cutie.

Vivian was super excited to see the zippers on her Zip-Itz and spent most of the afternoon opening and closing the zippers and hiding things inside. She though it was about the most fun thing ever.  The kids have also had fun with Hot Cinnamon, the Cotton Candy Cutie that we received.  Ethan thinks its hysterical that she has little horns hidden amongst her fluffy hair.  Both toys are well-constructed and very cute.  We're happy to have these new additions to our home!