Friday, October 25, 2013

Book review: Lost and Found

*Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post and actually purchased the book myself.

I read a TON for grad school in any given week. Mostly documents about early American politics.  While I enjoy it, it makes for some brain-exhausting reading, so I look for fun and escape for my leisure time reading.  Recently I came across a new book called Lost & Found on Amazon (available for Kindle or Nook). It looked cute and was only $2.99, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I downloaded it and when I had some free time, I dove right in. Here's a bit about this book, from its Amazon page:

Delaney Curtis just broke up with her boyfriend and moved halfway across the country to start her life over, a life that does not include men, especially not her perpetually grouchy neighbor, Oliver. He calls her ugly, hates her clothes, and has a trail of women leaving his apartment.

Oliver Webber can't seem to stop insulting his new next door neighbor, the unnervingly sweet Delaney. He plans to stay far away from her and everyone else and lick his wounds after unrequited love. Except he keeps running into Delaney, and she's so fun, and kind, and pretty. Before long, he's making up excuses to spend time with her.

Soon they're in the middle of a blossoming friendship. But when exes come back to find Delaney and Oliver, they both need to figure out if love is a losing proposition, or worth the gamble.
I really enjoyed this book. The characters are full of personal issues and flaws and I didn't secretly hate them while I was reading, as I sometimes do when reading romance novels.  The story moves along quickly, and when it ended, I wanted to go find Delaney and make her hang out with me and my friends at our next coffee gathering.  It's a sweet love story and a lot of fun to read. And did I mention $2.99?  It's the weekend.  Go buy the book, make a cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine) and relax with Delaney and Oliver.

*I should note that there is some language in the book and non-graphic sex scenes, so if that is not your thing in books- you may want to look elsewhere. Just wanted to mention it!