Monday, November 18, 2013

A request for help from one of my blog readers

I received an email this weekend from a longtime blog reader, and promised to pass on the information to you all. If you feel motivated to help, please do!

The message I am trying to get out there is for my co worker’s daughter, who is very sick, and on December 14th, there is going to be a BBQ dinner and charity silent auction in Pittsboro, NC to raise money for Karyn Devinney’s treatment.  I have attached the flyer about the event.  Also, below is some background about the Devinney family, Karyn’s illness, and the challenges with her treatment.

The Devinney family is a very close knit family, heavily involved in their church, having raised 3 wonderful children, they are continuing to raise a 5 year old they fostered and adopted.  About 5 years ago, their oldest daughter Karyn Devinney, a young college student, was home from school and suddenly developed starting symptoms.  Before this, Karyn was like any other normal college student, making good goods, participating in art shows, playing tennis, living a full remarkable life.  As the months progressed what started out as vertigo quickly deteriorated to physical pain, joint stiffness, chills, that were so severe school was postponed, she could no longer participate in sports, and she returned home for care.  She did eventually go back to school, which was a testament to her will to continue.  Through the years, Karyn and her parents have been to local doctors and hospitals and even traveled to John Hopkins and Mayo Clinic trying to get answers, each one either had no answer or she was wrongly diagnosed as having Vertigo, Lupus or Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome.  Karyn's condition grew worse, she was no longer able to drive or even walk. 

After five long years, it has finally been concluded Karyn has Lyme disease, most commonly contracted through a bite from a deer tick. Because of the long length going untreated, she actually is at a very severe stage of the disease and must receive antibiotics through an IV, 6 to 7 hours a day. 

So now that there has finally been a diagnosis, there is a treatment, however there is still a problem, the problem is money....

Because the Centers of Disease Control refuses to recognize Lyme disease as occurring in the Southeast area (hello, have you seen all the deer in NC!)  insurance companies refuse to pay for the treatment (shake my fist at you insurance companies!).   Karyn's treatment is $1000 a week and the Devinney family is living week by week, paying for this treatment, but are running out of their own savings and loan options.  Karyn is already experiencing such improvement.  Just the other day she was able to walk to the mailbox and back, something she has not been able to do in well over 6 months.  If Karyn continues this treatment for the next 9 to 12 months, her recovery can be absolute, but if she stops, because they can no longer pay, her symptoms will return.   

Donations can be made for this cause at  On the website at the bottom of the page, you can read about Karyn's story told from her sister's point of view.   On the page is also a way you can share this cause on facebook, twitter, google plus share, or pin on pinterest.  For the event itself, they are specifically looking for people or businesses that would be willing to donate a product or service for the silent auction.   The proceeds from the auction and website will be going directly to Karyn’s treatment.