Monday, December 16, 2013

DVD review: Step Dogs!

*Disclosure: I received a copy of this movie to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

We had an unusually cold week or two recently, so my family spent a lot of our evenings snuggled up in our living room with lots of blankets and a movie or two on the DVD player. One of the movies that kept us company on the cold evenings was a new one called Step Dogs.  Here's a bit about it, from a press release that I received:

Meatball is a carefree, wisecracking country dog. Cassie is Hollywood’s most pampered pet. They couldn’t be more different, and when their owners marry and move the entire blended family to the rural north, the claws come out. It’s only when two bumbling thieves scheme to break into their house, that these four-legged foes must team up to defend their home. This riotously funny and heartwarming comedy proves that it takes all breeds to make a family.
This movie is about 85 minutes long and is definitely safe for the whole family to watch. No objectionable material here! The story with lessons about learning to fit in, accept differences in others, and working together was a good one.  The dogs were cute and funny and the human actors did a nice job as well. Vivian in particular is a big fan of all types of dogs, and she thought it was fun to watch a movie where they took center stage.

The humor in the movie is rather silly and slapstick, with bumbling crooks getting caught in silly situations.  This is just not really my thing, so I wandered off about halfway through to play one of those insanely addictive Facebook games that has taken over everyone's life. But from the kitchen, I could hear peals of laughter from both my kids and my husband as they enjoyed watching the dogs help save the day.  When I asked my husband and kids what they thought about the movie afterwards, Daniel said he liked it quite a bit, and my kids agreed.

So, if you're looking for a family-friendly, safe-for-all-ages movie with a good message- check this one out!