Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: LeapPad's Explorer™ Learning Game- Clifford: Ready to Read

*Disclosure: I received a copy of this game to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

My kids have a first generation LeapFrog LeapPad, and even though we've had it for quite some time, it's still a favorite toy that gets requested often.  Whenever we have to go somewhere like a parent-teacher conference at school or a car repair appointment the LeapPad goes with us and the kids are entertained endlessly.  The kids love the games and videos.  Their favorite characters entertain them- and what the kids don't realize is that those same characters are helping them learn as well!

We recently received a new LeapFrog game called Clifford: Ready to Read.  When it came in the mail, the kids were so excited and happily ran off with the game cartridge and settled down to play. Here's a bit about this game, from the LeapFrog website:

Learning to read with Clifford and friends is BIG fun! Clifford loves story time! Help Emily Elizabeth earn stories for Clifford's library by playing four leveled learning games that build essential skills for early readers.

Build essential reading skills and earn stories while playing fun activities with Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and friends!
-  Features favorite characters from the award-winning Clifford TV show on PBS KIDS®
-  Play four early-reading games with over 250 rounds of gameplay
-  Three learning levels ensure games are just right for each child
-  Earn 10 stories for Clifford's library that allow children to practice reading independently or with Emily Elizabeth.
-  Voiceovers encourage pre-readers to learn and play independently.
Ethan and Vivian are both learning how to read right now, with varying levels of success.  I love having this game on hand so that they can reinforce the skills they are learning at home and in school, in a way that's fun and not as much pressure as some reading lessons.  I love listening to them play this game- they laugh, they argue over whose turn is next, and they learn! I know they are going to continue to enjoy and learn from Clifford as their beginning reading skills improve.  This game is available now where LeapFrog games are sold.