Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: "I Hate Children" magic show at Hale's Ale's Palladium in Seattle

*Disclosure: My family received passes to attend this event for ourselves. We were not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are ours and ours alone.

Today I dragged Ethan and Daniel away from the living room, where they were watching hour 3 of Olympics coverage, off to Ballard to attend a special magic show for families called "I Hate Children". Intriguing name, so we were excited to see what the show had in store for us.

The Palladium is located behind the Hale's Brewery and Pub, in Ballard.  Parking is plentiful on the streets nearby.  The show offered seating either at tables or in chairs behind the tables.  Food and drink (including beer from Hale's Ales) were available for purchase.  Here's a bit about the show, from a press release that I received:
"I Hate Children" - children's magic show
A smash hit four years in a row at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, top magician Paul Nathan's ("Dark Kabaret," "Devil in the Deck," "Star Trek Voyager") one hour magic show, "I Hate Children," is an absolute delight! In IHC, the children are the stars, every child above the age of 8 has an opportunity to participate in real-life magic tricks, and the parents get all the jokes that the kids don't - everyone wins! Fast-paced, interactive, funny, and exciting, "I Hate Children" was the "Editor's Choice Award" winner, named "Best Children's Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe" in 2012 by ThreeWeeks Magazine.
"I Hate Children" features live music from children's music artist, John Anaya ("Wasting the Spark," "Cabaret Politico"). Stick around post-show for a meet n' greet with your new favorite magician Paul Nathan and peruse the magic-creating toys, t-shirts, CDs, and DVDs that will be available for purchase.
It's recommended that kids be ages 8 and up to participate in the show. For this early afternoon show, the attendance was low, so the magician let younger kids participate as well. With mixed, but always entertaining results.  My 6-year-old was happy to stay in the audience, while my 4-year-old overcame her fear of the stage and went up to have a special balloon animal made.

Vivian and Paul with her balloon
There was much laughter from the adults and kids alike. Paul Nathan is quick with the funny jokes, most of which went over the kids' heads while making the adults roar with laughter. From the kids there were many gasps of surprise at the magic tricks, and much waving of hands and begging to help out with the tricks.  The best part of the show was that Paul made sure that each and every kid who wanted to participate, did participate (again, the attendance was low, so this might not always be the case, but I got the feeling that he tries hard to make sure as many kids as possible have a chance to help out).  

This is a really excellent show for the whole family.  You have a chance to catch it tomorrow, Sunday February 9th, or on the 15-16 or 22-23 of February. Tickets range from $15-35. I'd recommend the show for ages 5 and up for watching, although the smaller guests did seem to have fun too. Happy magic watching!