Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review: Jabra Rox Wireless headphones

*Disclosure: I received this product to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.

One of the things that I've been adding back into my schedule now that my school is done is regular exercise at the gym.  And I am not the type of person who likes exercise even a little bit, so that means that I needed to be extremely distracted and entertained while I am working out. For me, that means listening to podcasts on my iPod.  In addition to being not great at exercise, I have also been known to lack coordination.  Which means that, when I am listening to my iPod with corded headphones, I have more than once gotten them tangled up in the workout equipment, usually resulting in my iPod crashing to the ground. So I clearly need wireless headphone.  Thankfully I have a great new pair, Jabra Rox. Here's a bit about these headphones, from the Jabra website:

Go wireless: Give up the wires without giving up great sound. Rox Wireless lets you control your playlists and calls straight from in-line controls so you can keep your tunes going in high-definition Dolby® sound and your phone in your pocket.
Uncompromised wireless sound: Rox Wireless’ design is based on the same in-ear monitors used by professional musicians to bring full sound and strong bass. And when you need that something extra, Jabra’s exclusive Sound App* player with Dolby pumps out full-spectrum sound.
Travels well: Rox Wireless is protected against dust and water with solid steel that takes the rap when you’re at your most active. Rox Wireless has exclusive power-saving magnets - when you’re not using the earbuds, simply clip them together around your neck and the magnets will activate the power-saving mode.
Small & lightweight: Revel in your music and chat for longer in total comfort. Rox Wireless is small and lightweight with ColorCore EarGels™ designed for full sound and perfect fit. And when you’re ultra-active, you can use optional EarWings™ to lock them in place.
Exclusive Jabra Sound App: Play your tunes and stream YouTube content in high-definition Dolby sound. Create playlists, share music and adjust the graphic equalizer for an extra personalized listening experience.
When my headphones arrived in the mail, they were nicely packaged in a sturdy, clear plastic box. Impressive presentation!  After getting the headphones out, pairing them up with my iPod took a matter of seconds. I had been listening to my iPod with other headphones and when I turned on the Rox, the sound quality blew me away. These headphones pack a big punch in a small package! They made my music playlist sound amazing.

The Rox come with extra eargels, so you'll be sure to find a good fit.  I have extremely small ears, but am able to wear the Rox without any problem.  When I'm exercising, I do add the earwing to make sure the earbuds stay safe. I love that the earwings come in three sizes, and that they are labeled S, M and L, and the left and right side is also marked.  Helpful! I have had trouble getting the earwings to stay in place while in transit in my pocket or purse. They are designed to be removable, and they do sometimes slip off.

When I'm wearing my Rox, they block out most sound from around me.  At first I thought this was a bad thing, since I wasn't able to hear my kids talking in the other room of our house, but then the kids started fighting and I happily put in my Rox and was able to maintain my sanity and listen to my podcasts all at the same time.

I've been happy with the battery life on the Rox. They are advertised as having a 5.5 hour playback time, and so far they seem to be living up to that.  Overall, I'm really happy with these wireless headphones, and I look forward to many more workouts together in the future!