Monday, June 30, 2014

My time in a 2015 Chevy Suburban (and announcement of winner for my Spa Finder giveaway!)

The kids and I were at Safeway last Thursday night. I was walking back to the car from returning the cart, when I made eye contact with a gentleman getting into an old pickup truck.  "That," he said, "is a beautiful, beautiful vehicle."  I expressed my agreement with him, then mentioned that, sadly, it was not actually my car to keep and that I had to return it the next day.  "Do not do that," he said, shaking his head. "Just do not give that gorgeous car back."

I did have to return the beautiful vehicle the next day, as I am not interested in a criminal record. But driving the new 2015 Chevy Suburban for most of the past week was a pleasure while it lasted. This vehicle is, as mentioned, gorgeous. It was all new and shiny and well-built.  I loved all of the features that made my life easier. It had air conditioned seats, which were great for cooling me down quickly after getting the kids and all their stuff to the car. Seating was plentiful with three rows of seats. And the third row automatically folded down at the touch of a button. Perfect for when we were transporting my husband and his bike.  There was also an entertainment system that was capable of showing a movie to the kids in the back (on wireless headphones!) while we listened to the radio up front.

In addition to being entertained, I felt really safe driving this car. It has things like a backup camera, warnings when you are drifting in the lane or getting too close to something in front of you. It has a blind spot warning light on the side mirrors, which gave me confidence when changing lanes in Seattle traffic.

This is by no means a small vehicle. In fact, we ended up having to park up on the street most of the time, since we have a tiny driveway. But I didn't feel like I was driving a large vehicle when I was in it. As a person who is only 5 feet tall, I often feel overwhelmed by larger cars and SUVs, but I felt comfortable in this one.

Gas mileage was pretty bad for a lot of my driving, as I was doing mainly in-city, running errands type of outings.  When we took it out on the freeway for a drive, gas mileage was better.

This is a great car if you have a family and are transporting kids and sports gear or school supplies or just have long car trips to take together.  Very spacious and comfortable.  I give it a big thumbs up!

As I mentioned in my post last week, as the second part of this #suburbanmom program, I not only got to borrow the Suburban for a few days, but give away 2 $150 Spa Finder gift cards.  I read all the responses on my blog and on social media- thanks to all of you for contributing!

Without further ado, here are the two people whose stories most spoke to me about the joys and challenges of parenthood.  I will be emailing you both- keep your eyes open for that email!

Tammy S said...
One of my best mom moments was when my son learned to read. He suffered from dyslexia and really struggled. When he came home from school and read me a story I cried tears of joy. #SuburbanMom Delete
Blogger Heather! said...
My most memorable parenting day was when I got my first Mother's Day card, handmade by my stepdaughter. It was surprisingly emotional for me! She was fifteen and we had had a lot of problems adjusting to our new status as a stepfamily. I didn't know what I was doing and she was a fifteen-year-old rebelling against everything! There were an awful lot of fights and tears that first year, but we eventually became so close that she asked me to adopt her. Which was also pretty memorable. :) #suburbanmom